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    Our services help you  leverage you and your clients' investment in market surveys and databases. We use a broad range of statistical and demographic techniques to tease out the true meaning that remains hidden in a sea of numbers. These techniques often allow clients to avoid expensive investments in new surveys and new information technology by exploiting the information they already have.

    Our services include:

    • Micromarketing and market segmentation

    • Generational marketing

    • Product potential analysis

    • Direct response analysis

    • Customer profiling

    • Customer satisfaction

    • Demographic and competitive market analysis

    • Data mining and predictive modeling

    • Multivariate statistical analysis and statistical consulting

    In addition to research services, our data processing professionals can provide you with:

    • Development of customized, interactive, data management systems.

    • Programming in SQL, SAS, and Crystal Reports
    • Development of analytical data warehouses and computerized decision support systems.

    • Conversion of interactive main frame systems to networked, PC based environments.

    • Development of marketing information systems

    • Provision of ad-hoc, complex, management reporting services



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